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Pennsylvania Energy – A Leader in Clean and Efficient Energy

Pennsylvania has long been a leader in energy production and innovation. As energy stakeholders look to the future, how the state utilizes its full array of resources will have major economic and social implications for residents and businesses across the region. Energy companies in Pennsylvania are investing in sustainable initiatives to help improve their communities and reduce waste. Pennsylvania energy providers also promoting renewable energies that offer consumers perks and benefits when they sign up for plans with them.

Pennsylvania is the first US state to allow residents to choose their electric supplier, offering more options than ever before for energy consumers. The old days of utility monopolies and high prices are over, but consumers must educate themselves on their choices and make sure they understand the terms of any agreement.

Getting started is easy. Simply enter your zip code on PA PowerSwitch, select the electric distributor for your area and view a list of suppliers along with their monthly rates, pricing structure, term length and more. This information can be used to compare plans and select the right one for your home or business. You can even switch to a green/renewable energy plan in minutes with PA PowerSwitch.

The cheapest pa energy rates can often be found with a provider that offers variable rate plans. These are flexible, so you can save more during periods of high demand and use, or spend more when you need extra energy. Some providers offer additional perks, like cash back, free electricity, and other rewards to keep you happy with your energy plan.

Fossil fuels were the largest source of energy generation in Pennsylvania in 2021, with natural gas and nuclear power contributing about half of the state’s total electricity. Renewable energy sources accounted for about four percent of total energy production.

The state’s unique geographic and political challenges present the potential for a range of energy development visions, each with its own set of economic, environmental and social implications. Various energy stakeholder groups prioritize different strategic areas for resource development, but all agree that the state needs to build upon its strengths—first-in-class energy resources and a diverse and capable workforce—to maximize economic opportunity.

Pennsylvania is a leader in clean and efficient energy, and it’s important to understand your options for saving money on your home or business’s energy bill. Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market makes it easy to shop for a better deal on your electric rate, and there are several reliable providers that can meet your needs. Choose Energy can ensure you have access to reputable providers and transparent prices you can trust. Get a quote today. Enter your ZIP code now to begin.

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